440 Elizabeth Street Project

HVAC Improvements

Brenair Mechanical services were engaged by the building owner to carry out the replacement of boilers and chillers at 440 Elizabeth Street. The project was guided by a strict consideration of increasing energy saving through installing new energy efficient equipment and the installation of Variable Speed Drives (VSDs).

The existing Trane chillers were replaced with new water cooled Powerpax chillers. The new chillers have a COP rating of 11 to 12 compared to the existing Trane chillers that were also at the end of their lifecycle. A new Energy Management System (EMS) was installed to control them.

The existing atmospheric Hunt boiler was replaced with 8 modular Baxi 1500T condensing boilers. These boilers are designed to modulate based on the requirements of the heating load. Therefore the boilers turn on progressively only based on demand, if demand is low only the first 2 or 3 boilers will turn on. This is an extremely energy efficient approach to addressing heating demands of a building.

With the works carried out the building was upgraded from a 2 to a 4 star NABERS rated building. What does it mean to have a higher NABERS star rating? This rating system is recognised on a global stage, which means it gives Australian buildings the reputation of ‘greening’ themselves. This in turn increases market value of buildings. With lowered operating costs due to the energy efficient systems in place, the overall financial gains are very lucrative.