Northcote Plaza Project

Mechanical Upgrade

Brenair Mechanical Services were engaged by the owner’s corporation to replace the existing Carrier DX systems (3 off) with a central chiller, cooling coils and pumps.

The works involved the removal of the existing DX systems in stages, so as not to effect the operation of the shopping centre. The new chiller provides chilled water (CHW) to the existing Air Handling Units (AHUs) that had the DX coils replaced with new CHW coils. Additionally two existing PAC units were also replaced with AHUs and the CHW pumps were fitted with VSD’s to reticulate the CHW through the field to the coils. The chiller is a Powerpax air cooled chiller fitted with evaporator pads for added efficiency, in especially hot weather.

The existing atmospheric boiler was replaced with new Modulex condensing boilers. These boilers are able to be modulate their heating approach to suit the heat load requirements of the building