Alfred Health Chiller Upgrade Project

Mechanical Upgrade 

Brenair was engaged directly by Alfred Health to carry out a chiller upgrade project at the Alfred Hospital in Prahran. The project involved replacing the existing water cooled chiller with with new Carrier water cooled chiller, to service the Philip block as well as provide capacity to the base building system. The chiller and pumps were purchased and installed by Brenair with the building automation works carried out by Independent Automation.

The project included a full chilled water system upgrade. As mentioned the existing chiller was replaced with a new Carrier water cooled chiller. In order to complete the replacement Brenair had to connect the chiller to the base building condenser water system and the existing chilled water system. Additionally the pipe work was modified which included installation of a new 2-way by-pass system. The chilled water primary and secondary pump was replaced, as well as the condenser water pump and the make-up water system. VSDs were installed onto the new pumps. The AHUs which were being serviced by this chilled water system had existing 3-way bypass valves. These were replaced with 2-way valves, all as part of the system upgrade. Final upgrade of the new chiller controls system and independent automation for the valves.